Regional Market Area Representatives

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What We Do:
  • Provide small businesses with a free 12 key element success assessment.
  • Give small businesses access to multiple forms of available working capital. 
  • Work with the businesses we fund to increase their digital footprint and revenue. 
  • Help our business clients to maximize their Seller's Drecretionary Earnings. 
How We Market It:
  • We have mapped 200 target market areas (See Market Areas) defined by Zip Codes.
  • We have divided the country into six (6) regions of approximately thirty three (33) target market areas each.
  • Each target market area contains approximately 100,000+ existing small businesses that we maintain data upon.
  • Please review the summary document that describes how we market locally in each target area (See How We Do It)
What You Will Be Doing:
  • The initial task is to close an exclusive business brokerage relationship in each target market (See Business Brokers).
  • The main goal of a Regional Rep is to help produce a minimum of 100 completed assessments a month per market area.
  • Regional Reps are compensated at $7.50 per completed assessment plus $500 per exclusive business broker closing.
  • As a company we have experienced over 600,000 business success assessments since first software version release.
Where You Will Be Working
  • From wherever you have a quiet place to makes your calls.
  • Where you have high speed bandwidth and a computer with noise cancelling headphones.