Local Market Area Call Representatives

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What We Do:
  • Provide small businesses with multiple forms of available working capital. 
  • Work with the businesses we fund to increase their digital footprint and revenue. 
  • Help those business clients to plan for their maximum exit value & strategy. 
How We Market It:
  • We maintain a database of 20 plus million small businesses in the United States.
  • We have mapped 975 market areas with an average of 25,000 businesses each. (See Market Areas)
  • In each of those market areas we are establishing a local “Call Representative”.
  • 500 emails are sent per day M-F with messages to encourage free assessments.
  • We also use; webinars, local directory listings, community outreach, and local referral partners.
What You Will Be Doing:
  • Call Reps make outbound phone calls to each business that opens the email.
  • There is "no selling", only encouraging businesses to complete the free 12 point success assessment.
  • The goal of each Call Rep is to produce 80 completed assessments per month per local market area (4 per day)
  • Call Reps are compensated at $12.50 per completed assessment plus $200 per client engagement.
  • 80 assessments normally produces approximately 5 small business client engagements.
Where You Will Be Working
  • In your selected Local Market Mapped Area (By Zip Codes).
  • From wherever you have a quiet place to makes your calls.
  • Where you have high speed bandwidth and a laptop with headphones.