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Our Private Label Support Team Process

Where is the solution to business financing for small businesses? Right Here.

Never before has there been a single-source solution to the problem facing the small businesses in America of financing and capitalizing their businesses. Many organizations offer a piece of this puzzle. Some offer only pre-qualification for their programs. Others offer to build business credit. Many claim to repair or optimize personal credit. Some even match small businesses to lenders who pay them for the match. Our Fundability business finance and credit system brings all pieces of the small business financing puzzle together, into one solution that is your private label.

What are Lending Underwriting Compliance items and how do I complete them?
Who are the four main business credit reporting agencies and who use each of them?
Does my business have business credit scores and what do the reports contain?
How do business lenders use and view items on my business credit reports?
Why are business lenders looking at my personal credit reports and what are they looking for?
What lenders and funding programs are right for my business and my circumstances?
How can my business get approved for funding and under what terms?
How can I find vendors for the products and services I need that will report to the business agencies?
How can I get my business approved for net credit payment terms?

All of these pieces are identified, addressed, and contained within your private label along with a comprehensive support team process that helps ensure your small business user's success. Thereby, your private label success.

Your support team process includes:

Private Label Setup & Branding
Private Label Training & Implementation
Marketing To Your Business Connection Base
Engaging Your Small Businesses with User ID/PW
Your Concierge Call Team
Your Business Coaching Team
Your Funding Advisor Team
Your Funding Packaging Team
Your Revenue Tracking Team

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