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Private Label Revenue Sharing

Its all about strengthening the community, but still for profit

There are no license seat fees charged to the Private Labels for issuing system User ID/PWs. Therefore, we do not allow Private Labels to charge small business for access to the system. Our goal is for each Private Label to be placing hundreds, or thousands, of small businesses into their system each month. Charging small business owners to have access to the system greatly limits the number of small businesses that can be served.

In order to successfully complete the business finance and credit system, small business owners must become Lender Compliant and establish reporting vendor credit trade lines. Both of these actions require the small business owners to spend money. They incur expenses to correct Lender Compliance items and they pay for the goods or services they purchase on credit terms from the Vendors who issued them credit lines.

Each time a small business owner corrects a Lender Compliance item within the system, or establishes a Vendor credit line, a revenue generation event is created. The small business owner must pay for each; entity formed, virtual office leased, VOIP phone system setup, website created, etc. that they opt-in to utilize. There are about twenty of them throughout the system. Nothing is offered or presented to the small business owner that they do not need to become Lender Compliant. Only services or items that assist the small business owner in lowering their risk of default scores as viewed by lenders and credit providers are offered.

The Private Label shares in the revenue generated when the small business owners opt-in to these items, services, and credit lines. There are also fees charged to the small business owners upon successful funding program closings. These are success-based only. No fees are ever charged in advance. When a small business pre-qualifies for a funding program, and they have freely elected to opt-in for that program, they contract for a success-fee payment to be made only upon funding closing. These successful funding program closing fees are also revenue shared with the Private Label who generated that specific small business user.

The more small businesses placed into the system by the Private Label each month, the more revenue share will be generated. The Private Label revenue sharing agreement calls for thirty percent of all revenue generation to be shared with the Private Label responsible for issuing that business owner's User ID/PW.

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