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Building strong credit profiles is the path, funding is the goal

Up to 90% of all business loan applications get declined. Business lenders and credit providers are in business to approve loans but, they are seeking "low risk of default" borrowers. Most business owners don't realize that they need to get ready to apply and that they need to educate themselves about how to get approved. They simply apply, then get denied. The private label business finance and credit system does an excellent job of educating small business owners and getting their business ready to apply and to be approved.

Once the small business is ready to apply, the next step is knowing what funding programs are the best fit and the most likely to be approved. For many small business owners, making this determination can be overwhelming even with a tool such as the private label system. For this reason, each private label system comes with a professional staff of Funding Advisors to assist them in making their best determination of funding programs. The Funding Advisor team can counsel your small business Users on any of the twenty or more funding programs in the system and on any of the more than 4,000 business lenders in the system.

The Funding Advisor service is complimentary. They do not charge your small business Users for their advice in the decision making process of funding program selections. The Funding Advisors are success-based and are only compensated upon successful funding closing for your small business Users.

Once placed in contact with the Funding Advisor team, your small business Users are free to ask questions of them for any future funding offer they might receive from any source or any funding program they may wish to apply for in the future. The Funding Advisor team builds a trusted relationship with your small business Users and is always available to serve them. Their service will always free of any upfront fees.

When new lenders or funding programs are added to the system the Funding Advisors are the first to know all about that program, its features, benefits, terms, conditions, and what it requires for your small business Users to be approved. Thereby, provide your Users with the most up to date information about funding programs to be found anywhere.

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