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As soon as the new User logs in their service begins, and never stops

From the start of a new Private Label or Community Success Network (CSN) the focus is to get the User ID/PW into the hands of as many small businesses as possible. There are 25 million existing businesses and 2 million new businesses formed each year. Issuing ID/PWs should not be a problem. Small business owners are hungry to find funding and capital for their businesses, however they are not necessarily good at doing the actual work required to obtain it. After all, their primary focus and expertise is in their product or service.

We have the solution. We provide Concierge Call teams and professional Coaching teams. "The Concierge", as we call them, are tasked with contacting each business that logs into the system. When a new User logs into the system for the first time, a Concierge calls them on behalf of the private label. The purpose of the "Concierge Call" is to inform the small business owner of the importance of completing the system and that the goal of the system is to move their business from being viewed by lenders and creditors as a "High Risk of Default" to being viewed as a "Low Risk of Default" by completing the lender compliance items in the system, all while building a business credit profile.

The Concierge team answers questions about the system and ensures the User knows where and how to get the help they may need to successfully complete the system. The Concierge points out that every step of the system has an online virtual coach to describe why that step is needed, how lenders use that step item, and how to make sure that step item has been completed. After the concierge call is complete, the Concierge sends the User a follow-up email with the Concierge Call team contact information for future use. These follow-up emails are also sent on the private label's behalf. As such, the Sender of the email is the private label. The Concierge Call team is a single connection point to build rapport with the small business owner and to engage them with the system.

If the User expresses the need or desire to have someone complete many of the steps on behalf of their business, then they are informed about the "do it for you" Coaching option. This is not an up-sell. It is an opt-in customer support option that allows small business owners who want the benefits of the system but do not have the time or desire to complete the system themselves. The User has free and complete access to the business finance and credit system and has already been informed that the system is self-paced, with step-by-step instructions, and a virtual coach for each step. If the small business User opts-in for the professional Coaching they will grant the Coaching team the authority to act on behalf of their business and complete the required Lender Compliance and business credit optimization steps.

Once either the small business User or their professional coach completes the system, the User is contacted by the complimentary Funding Advisor team to guide them through the process for any funding programs they pre-qualify for and answer any funding questions they may have. The system also has virtual funding advisors that can instruct and inform the User about any funding programs they pre-qualify for and how to apply.

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