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Community Success Networks (CSN) - Watch CSN Video

Bring Civic Minded Together
We designed community success networks to bring together every civically minded individual and organization to help small businesses in their communities start-up, grow, succeed, and create jobs.

Provide Access To Capital
For small a business to grow, succeed, and create jobs they must first access capital. To access capital they must first make their business Fundable. To make their business Fundable they have to be educated on what that means and exactly how it is accomplished.

Importance of Community Participation
We work with the major community success contributors, including
  • chambers of commerce
  • small business development centers
  • economic development commissions
  • business incubators & accelerators
  • credit unions & local banks
  • local vendors
  • local business networking groups
We work with all of these community success contributors to provide every existing and newly formed business within that community free access to the system.

System Set Up For Free
Organizations within the community success networks, listed above, are provided with a free private label system. In turn the organizations can provide logins to small businesses within their community.

Existing and New Business Data Provided
We also provide databases of all existing small businesses within the community success network and information on newly formed businesses on a daily basis. Community success contributors are provided with this data so that they can freely encourage the small businesses within their community to education themselves on what it takes to become fundable and how to get it done.

Increase The Fundability of Community Businesses
Through the private labels every small business in the community can increase their Fundability and have access to the approval criteria of over 4,000 business lenders and over 3,000 vendor credit line providers in the system.

Creating Community Based Jobs
Small businesses are the major employers for all of America and the community success networks are here to help them startup, grow, succeed, and create jobs.

CSNs contain at least 75,000 existing businesses, 7,500 new businesses per year and a population of 500,000+. There are 350 CSNs throughout the U.S.

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