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Community Success Contributors are our vision for bringing community support and growth minded groups together into one local network to support their business community to startup, grow, succeed, and create jobs. To accomplish that vision, we first educate all CSN Contributors about Fundability, the lifeline of the small business, and then assist those Contributors in providing every business owner in America access to a system that will educate the business owner about what it takes to make their businesses fundable and to maintain that Fundability for the life of their business. We do this by providing eligible CSN Contributors with a private label to the system.

Contributors within a Community Success Network (CSN) may include:

Chambers of Commerce (COC) – There are more than 8,000 COCs that work on a more local level. Typically, at the city level within the county or region covered by the EDC. COCs are private organizations staffed mostly by volunteers who are community business leaders/owners interested by business networking for the growth of their businesses and communities.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) – There are almost 1,000 SBDCs that are typically associated with colleges or universities within the local community. They are SBA funded and offer a wide range of support for start-up and existing businesses including business planning, SBA loan packaging, and business internships.

Economic Development Commissions (EDC) – There are nearly 2,000 EDCs operating in the United States that will act as the center hub of the CSNs. EDCs are government funded organizations typically staffed by mostly community minded volunteers that are tasked with creating business opportunities within their communities to stimulate job growth. The reach of the EDCs is normally at the county level sometimes including more than one county.

Business Accelerators & Incubators – Every CSN will have its share of business accelerator and incubator organizations. Their goal is to support and foster the success of small businesses. They are typically limited by available space to the number of businesses they can support. Through the CSN they can help the hundreds or thousands of businesses they are forced to turn away by providing those businesses with a virtual incubator in the system.

Business Networking Groups – These networks include local groups such as Lions club, Rotary, Meetup events, Niche Business Associations, LinkedIn Groups and any event calendars that are addressing group or business events that are taking place within the CSN area.

Existing Businesses – Each CSN has a territory that maps the CSN via Zip Code. This allows us to identify all existing businesses within the CSN and break them down into two groups. The first being all INCs and LLCs, and the second being all other business types; DBA, LLP, Partnerships, Non-profits, etc. Data on existing businesses within each CSN is provided for marketing efforts to reach out to them in their CSN. There are approximately 25 million existing USA based businesses. Each CSN contains a minimum of 75,000 existing businesses and a population of at least 500,000.

Newly Formed Businesses – For 2015 and 2016 there have been an average of 320,000 new businesses are formed each month or close to 4 million new businesses yearly. These businesses are introduced to the System through any of their local CSN Contributors and thereby provided with a User ID/PW to any of the CSN private labels. The data on these new formed businesses is provided to us daily.

Local Banks & Credit Unions – Local bankers and credit union lenders are all active within their communities, including participation in their local Chambers of Commerce. The business clients of the local banks and credit unions are engaged through their CSN. We have built databases of all CSN area banks and credit unions that are active in small business lending in their communities.

Local Vendors – Currently there are over 500,000 businesses in the United States extending credit to other businesses on B2B Net 30, 60, 90 day payments terms. Engaging each of these credit providers as a private label is impractical, however engaging them through their local CSN and having them be active Commmunity Success Contributors is not only doable it is in their best interests and provides them with great PR. Community Success Ambassadors (CSA) reach out to these vendors educating them that each business that applies for credit with them should be part of the CSN and should have a User ID/PW to their local CSN private label.

Business Landlords – Within each CSN are landlords who own locations with many local businesses. These locations include executive suites, office sharing organizations, and larger office parks. Landlords are encouraged to share their CSN with existing tenants and new business tenant prospects.

Local Business Lenders – Every community has many niche business lenders and business finance brokers that process hundreds of applicants a month with only a handful being approved. As part of their CSN, these business lenders can give every applicant access to the private label system to ultimately make all those businesses approvable.

Local Investment Groups – Angel investors invest their money locally and often like to visit their investment to watch it grow. Sometimes they lend their expertise to help it grow. Angel Investors are perfect for the CSN. They can expand their support network and have access to more and stronger investment opportunities. They can help all those businesses that they had to turn down by giving them access to the system to become fundable through the CSN.

Community Success Contributors bring their communities together to support the growth & success of their community businesses.

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