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Community Growth & Job Creation

Helping small businesses grow and create jobs within the Community

Educating Small Businesses How Access To Capital
The single most important thing that small businesses need to startup, grow, succeed, and create jobs is access to capital. Without access to capital most small businesses fail. Businesses who are well capitalized tend to succeed and thereby contribute locally. The Fundability Business Finance & Credit System is designed to work with Community Success Networks to see that every business within the community is eductaed upon and then has access to capital.

Helping Small Businesses Succeed And Create Jobs
Having small business succeed within the Community benefits all who live there, not just the business owners. Successful small businesses stimulate the local economy. They buy goods and need services. They rent space, they pay utility bills, and they pay taxes. They open business bank accounts, they do merchant processing locally, they pay for business licenses, they join their local Chamber of Commerce. But most importantly, they create jobs. Not only do they directly hire employees, but they also create jobs around the community by stimulating their local community economy.

Having Good Education & The Right Tools Leads to Lower Defaults
The Fundability Business Finance and Credit System ensures that every business within the Community Success Networks receives the education and tools they need to lower their risk of default scores, be attractive to credit providers and have access to thousands of sources of capital that is vital to their success. Communities across the country can assist and empower their local small businesses to grow and create jobs by working within the Community Success Network, with their Community Success Ambassadors, and by becoming Community Success Contributors.

Over 350 Community Success Networks Mapped
Community Success Networks (CSN) are built around a minimum population base of 500,000, with 75,000 existing businesses, and showing an average of 7,500 new businesses formed within them each year. Community Success Networks might be a 10 mile radius in densily populated areas or they might be a 100 mile radius in more sparsely populated areas. Each CSN will have a large number of Community Success Contributors and One Community Success Ambassador to lead the way.

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