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Together, Helping Small Businesses; Startup, Grow, Succeed, and Create Jobs

Fundability has developed a system that is designed to educate small business owners as it applies to financing their businesses and how both business and personal credit reporting impacts their ability to be approved.

Fundability strives to provide free and easy access to this comprehensive educational tool to all small business owners in the United States.

The goal of the system is to first educate small business owners and then help them to increase their access to the capital they need to start, grow, succeed, and create jobs.

Fundability provides entry to the system via a Chamber of Commerce private label portal. The Chamber therefore will be empowering every existing and newly formed business within their reach.

In this way, Fundability can assist the Chamber in having a much greater impact with small business development and increasing the business community awareness of the Chamber's value, which in turn will drive new members to the Chamber.

Having a Chamber of Commerce private label portal will also create a new revenue stream for the Chamber.

The system begins by educating business owners about Lender Compliance items. These are a series of items that the lender's underwriting computers will check and may decline a business for, if not completed.

Next, the system shows business owners how to make sure that their business is setup the correct way with all the business credit reporting agencies and the government entities that the business will interact with.

When those are done, the system shows each business what is in their business credit reports, what lenders want to see in their business reports, and how to optimize their business credit reports.

The system also teaches business owners what business lenders want to see in their personal credit reports and how differently business lenders see those reports versus how consumer lenders view them.

Inside the system, business owners are provided with step-by-step instructions. As they complete the steps they will find that they have moved their business from being categorized as High Risk by lenders, to being categorized as Low Risk and therefore will have increased their access to capital.

When they complete the steps, business owners are provided searchable access to over 4,000 lenders for every business lending program available and to over 3,000 vendor lines of credit for every product and service imaginable.

We will welcome the opportunity to provide a demonstration of the system to the Chamber and to anyone the Chamber wants to include in the evaluation process.

Working With Chambers of Commerce (COC) - Watch COC Video

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