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What Fundability Is About

Fundability is the result of 20 years of technology building in the business finance & credit niche. It began in 1996 when our founder, Corey Pierce, created, the first "Business Capital Search Engine". At that time the software was designed to simply match businesses to lenders. It then provided them with a free matched list.

Over the years as technology became more sophisticated so did our software. It became much more than a matchmaker and to date, has serviced more than 500,000 small businesses. Along the way, we realized that we were not doing enough by simply matching businesses to lenders. We needed to also educate those businesses on what it takes to get approved and how to go about managing their overall Fundability.

Now, we are Fundability and we are so much more than just software. Our member Success Contributors are experts in their respective fields of business credit, business coaching, funding advisory, and funding fulfillment. Fundability does focus on giving small businesses access to all kinds of financing, but more importantly doing so in a manner that maximizes the small business owner's opportunity to succeed and to create jobs.

Our Vision

An America where every entrepreneur is educated about how to, and what it means to, build a strong business credit profile so that they can obtain fair, affordable capital to build their dreams thereby building stronger communities.

Our Mission

Teach America's entrepreneurs where to find the capital they need to succeed, the steps they must complete to get approved, and how to be categorized as low risk by lenders so that their Fundability remains high at all times.

Our Values

We believe those who provide service to others are the backbone of communities. We work to ensure the communities we serve are strong and thriving through the success of small businesses.

We will not allow a sales environment to exist within our platform. We provide honest, accurate information necessary for our members to make sound business decisions about the services they opt-in to utilize to become lender compliant. We strive to maintain transparency to our members through education about compliance.

We vet our service partners, vendors, and lenders to ensure they are experienced and have a record of quality service and products. We monitor the industry to ensure our platform remains more than relevant. We strive to be cutting-edge.

Without the trust of our members, partners, and communities we have nothing. We protect our members’ privacy. We do not sell their information. We respect our partners’ core business perspectives and we listen to our communities express their needs for building strong economic development. In building mutual trust, our partnerships thrive.

Our Strategy

We partner on a private label (PL) basis with companies whose core business is working with other businesses to give the system to their clients for free, thereby adding a valuable service to the PL core business and causing their client acquisition and retention rates to increase.

We are building Community Success Networks (CSN) across the country to leverage relationship building with community-minded groups, thereby connecting with the millions of new businesses that are in existence and being established throughout America each year.

A CSN is comprised of community support and growth minded people together into one local network. These communities and groups consist of Economic Development Commissions, Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers, Business Accelerators & Incubators, Local Banks & Credit Unions, Local Credit Extending Vendors, Colleges & Universities, Business Networking Groups, and all the area existing and newly formed businesses.

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