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Video 1 - Community Success Networks

Community success networks are designed to bring together every civically minded organization and individual to help small businesses within their communities to start-up, grow, succeed, and create jobs. In order for small businesses to succeed and create jobs they must first have access to capital. To have access to capital they must first make their businesses Fundable. To make their businesses Fundable they have to be educated on what that means and exactly how it is accomplished.

Video 2 - Community Success Ambassadors

Community Success Ambassadors are professionals who lead the way in building Community Success Networks. Each community success network contains many strong civic outreach groups such as chambers of commerce, business incubators, small business development centers, and business meetup group organizers. The Ambassador’s role is to bring together the network support groups within their CSN in such a way as to have all businesses within the CSN issued a User ID and Password to the system. The goal is to have every business become an active user of the system thereby strengthening those businesses and creating jobs within their community.

Video 3 - Common Need For Capital

The one common need across all small businesses is the need for access to capital, whether that capital comes in the form of cash or credit. Your private label provides your clients and prospects with the access they need. Having access is only half of the solution to obtaining capital. It covers the half, “where do I find capital?” The more important half is, “how do I get approved?”

Video 4 - Over 4,000 US Based Lenders

Inside your Private Label are the funding programs of more than 4,000 US based lenders. You will be offering your Clients and Prospects access to the most comprehensive list of lenders and their funding programs ever built. Their access comes with the knowledge of what each of those lenders and funding programs requires for approval. What that means is no more unproductive online searches and hours of wasted time for your clients and prospects, instead they will be able to zero in on the right lenders and funding programs to get exactly what they need.

Video 5 - Easy System Setup

Our Branding Department will setup your new private label. The setup is very easy. Your IT web hosting service will setup a sub-domain that will look like the URL on the screen. "". Then our staff will customize your private label in your website's look and feel. The process normally takes one or two business days. Then you are up and running!

Video 6 - Completing The Pre-Qualification Assessment

The first step in the funding process is to have your client complete a business pre-qualification assessment. This is a quick three part survey which is part of your private label system. It determines the funding programs your clients are pre-qualified for now. Inside your private label system, your clients have a dashboard that shows them each funding program and allows them to opt-in for those funding programs they want to know more about.

Video 7 - The Opt-In Acceptance Process

When your clients are pre-qualified for funding programs they are shown the features, benefits, and an overview of those funding programs. They then have the ability to opt-in. When they choose to opt-in they are asked a few more questions specific to that funding program and their request for information is sent to the lenders for that funding program. The lenders will discuss the rates, terms, and conditions for the funding approval.

Video 8 - Knowing What To Do For More

Getting funded right now is great. What's better is knowing what all the funding programs require for approval and what to do to have their business pre-qualify for much more in the future. Your Private Label system lets your clients see the approval criteria of every funding program, and shows them exactly what they need to do to pre-qualify for each program before they apply. It is a Funding Approval Savings Plan.

Video 9 - Optimize Their Fundability

Your business clients always need access to funding. Your Private Label system gives them that access, but much more than that. Your system helps them optimize their Fundability before applying. It lets them know what they pre-qualify for before they apply. And it lets them see what they need to do to pre-qualify.

Video 10 - Vendor Lines Of Credit

If you wanted to find a specific product or service for your business on credit terms, where exactly would you find it? Inside your Private Label, your clients can simply select the product or service they need and see the vendors offering it on credit terms. There are over 3,000 vendors in the system offering Net 30, 60, or 90 day extended credit terms to your clients and prospects. Better yet your clients will know what it takes to pre-qualify before they apply. Where else are your clients going to find something like that?

Video 11 - Back Office Demo (20 Minutes)

This video is a summary review of what you get with your private label, from the private label website, to the private label step-by-step system, and then the private label administration area. This video will provide you with a basic understanding of everything that is availible to you as a private label and how to use it effectively.


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